Spiritual Experience is a private performance with seating for two people. It is designed to be viewed by friends and familiars, or by one person alone. 

Like a restaurant with only one table, set for you and a cherished companion, Spiritual Experience is a uniquely intimate encounter. No one else witnesses what you witness. It is just for you. 

Spiritual Experience is not frightening and it does not involve audience participation.

Spiritual Experience: "For the you who has everything."

1 ticket. 2 seats. $200.

LOCATION: 3408 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia PA 19104



Directed by Rebecca Wright / Written by Adriano Shaplin / Set Design and Costume Design by Nikki Delhomme / Lights by Michael Lambui / Stage Management and House Management by Alani Sky Rose / Performed by Severin Blake, Adriano Shaplin, Annie Wilson / Spiritual Guidance by Amy Smith / Objects, Flavors, Scents by Rebecca Wright / Sound by Adriano Shaplin / Additional Music by Rob Emanuele / Set Built by Truman Read, Sunny Lucas, Elliot Wilson, Andrew Laine, James Jackson