Spiritual Experience is a private performance with seating for two people. It is designed to be viewed by friends and familiars, or by one person alone. 

Like a restaurant with only one table, set for you and a cherished companion, Spiritual Experience is a uniquely intimate encounter. No one else witnesses what you witness. It is just for you. 

Spiritual Experience is not frightening and it does not involve audience participation.

Spiritual Experience: "For the you who has everything."

1 ticket. 2 seats. $200.

LOCATION: 3408 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia PA 19104



Directed by Rebecca Wright / Written by Adriano Shaplin / Set Design and Costume Design by Nikki Delhomme / Lights by Michael Lambui / Stage Management and House Management by Alani Sky Rose / Performed by Severin Blake, Adriano Shaplin, Annie Wilson / Spiritual Guidance by Amy Smith / Objects, Flavors, Scents by Rebecca Wright / Sound by Adriano Shaplin / Additional Music by Rob Emanuele / Set Built by Truman Read, Sunny Lucas, Elliot Wilson, Andrew Laine, James Jackson

Following 142 sold out performances, Spiritual Experience is now on summer break. We will return in the fall and very much look forward to serving you. Use the Open Ticket option to reserve your performance now. You can choose your date & time later, or give the gift of Spiritual Experience to cherished friends and familiars. When you purchase an Open Ticket, you will receive a unique code that can be used to reserve any available performance.